book reviews

Yes Please

Amy Poehler

Do you ever wonder what life is like for hilarious, famous, and interesting people?

Amy Poehler’s autobiography gives wonderful insight into her life and career – it’s as funny and touching as you would expect. She does not shy away from dishing on all the messy and complicated details that are unavoidable in life. Yes Please perfectly blends the narrative and truthful stories that are expected from an autobiography with wonderful lessons on life, work, love, and everything in between.

Let me start by saying that I LOVE AMY POEHLER! I have watched Parks and Recreation many times, have enjoyed all the movies she’s been in, and my YouTube suggestions are full of Amy Poehler SNL skits. You could say I am a fan. So obviously my next course of action was to read her book – and what a great decision! (Side note: as I am writing this a commercial starring Amy Poehler just came on! It’s a sign!)

I don’t read a ton of biographies, but Yes Please was one of my favorites. If it isn’t already clear, I may be biased in my opinion. It helped to be familiar with and interested in the things she mentions throughout, especially SNL and Parks and Recreation because they come up often and add some great behind-the-scenes anecdotes that lovers of those will enjoy. That being said, even those who aren’t familiar with these things will find her humor, stories, and lessons poignant.

Amy Poehler’s writing is clever and spliced with just the right amount of growing-up narratives and more recent events. For the most part it is an uplifting and feel-good book that talked to me like a motivational speaker, giving me encouragement to do what makes me happy, even when it gets difficult or stressful or seems like it won’t work out (exactly what a college student trying to figure out the rest of her life needs to here!) 

If it seems like I used an excessive amount of exclamation points in this review it’s because I did! Something about the energy Amy Poehler gives off in her work and in her writing makes me want to be so positive and enthusiastic, and that is a wonderful thing to feel at the end of a book. (!)

Comedy and sincerity form the perfect combination and make for a five star read. Yes Please by Amy Poehler is a must read for anyone who loves to see the careers and lives of wonderful and funny women flourish, so read this and have a laugh.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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