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Marissa Meyer

Cress wants nothing more than to be free from her orbiting satellite prison. That, and some friends would be nice, too. Even though it puts her life at risk, Cress is determined to do what she can to defy Levana, the evil queen and her captor. Thanks to her expert hacking and surveillance skills, Cress has been tracking Cinder as she continues to create problems for Levana on Earth, and has been doing all she can to help Cinder’s cause. As luck would have it, Cress comes to find herself tangled (ha! get it?) in the schemes of the internationally wanted criminals. Even though it means risking her life, Cress will do whatever it takes to break free from her tower in the sky and help save her friends.

Cress is my favorite novel in the Lunar Chronicles series, and though I have read it again and again, it never disappoints. I don’t know if it’s her endearing social awkwardness, or her intensely romantic daydreams, but Cress is a character you can’t help but love. It is refreshing to read about a character who is so full of hope and feels so strongly and fiercely. 

Cress is the Rapunzel of this reimagined fairy tale series, and the resemblance to that story does not go unnoticed. Just like Cinder and Scarlet, the preceding novels, Cress is so unique and quirky that the heavy classic narrative does not weigh it down. As the characters’ lives, from the previous books and this one, begin to intertwine, the plot expands to become much more complex and wildly more intense. 

As the characters meet and become involved, their relationships with one another become more complicated – and none more so than the relationship between Cress and Throne. I won’t give away too much, but they are one of my favorite couples EVER, so prepare yourselves! Despite the crazy and futuristic scenarios, their relationship is believable and so much fun to read about. 

Marissa Meyer is so excellent at writing these relationships full of tension and chemistry. Read any of her other novels, like Renegades, and it’s just as apparent. Relationships aside, the action continues to build and develop throughout Cress, so say goodbye to productivity for however long it takes to finish the book because you won’t be putting it down!

I do not hesitate to give Cress five stars. I love the story it weaves and the characters it introduces. The whole book had me smiling, crying, and then smiling some more. I love an emotional rollercoaster and I would highly recommend Cress to anyone else who enjoys one as well.  

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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