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Marissa Meyer

Nova and Adrian both have their secrets – secrets that are beginning to weigh on them more and more, the longer they remain untold. In this final installment of the Renegades Trilogy Nova and Adrian struggle to comes to terms with what’s good and what’s evil, if there even is such a thing. While their feelings for each other continue to grow, the messy web of deceit and chaos going on in the city threatens to tear what delicate relationship they have begun to develop apart. The final clash between the superheroes and villains residing in the city of Gatlon is inevitable and fast approaching. Supernova by Marissa Meyer has characters blurring the lines of good and bad. Will it be that the true dilemma is not of what is right and what is wrong, but of who is to be trusted and who is not?

It’s about time somebody knows the truth! After dragging the secrets along for two, almost three, books, finally all is resolved (maybe???!). I really enjoyed the first book in this series, while book two, Archenemies, was a little more challenging to get through, as I find most second books in trilogies are. But I was pleased with the events of Supernova, especially with character arcs and developments.

Many novels play with the good-versus-evil theme, it makes for an interesting and complicated plot while feeding into the interest that many readers (me included) seem to have about the moral conflicts characters find themselves in. In the case of Supernova, I think that theme was stressed a little too much and rather overplayed. That’s not to say it wasn’t interesting – it definitely was, and I found myself torn over every problem just as much as the characters were. At a certain point though, I found myself thinking I get it, everything is not black and white! 

Something must be said about the plot twists in this novel, too! Right when I thought I knew where the plot was headed a revelation would be unveiled that took me completely by surprise. A few more obvious instances of foreshadowing are used to keep the reader off the trail of the real twists, and I loved the book for that. I live for plot twists (should I get that tattooed on my body? Probably). 

Marissa Meyer writes wonderfully plot-driven novels with diverse characters who you love to love. Fans of her series The Lunar Chronicles would enjoy this series as well, as would fans of anything Marvel – these books involve no shortage of superheroes!

I give Supernova four stars. It never ceased to surprise me and excellently wrapped up the series in a satisfying and believable way. The ending really brought the whole plot full circle and gave the characters the endings that I, and I hope other readers agree, think they deserved!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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