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The Electric Heir

Victoria Lee

The Electric Heir continues right where The Fever King left off, and this second book is just as terrifying and dramatic as the first. Noam and Dara have been separated, and things for both boys only begin to get worse from there. Noam’s relationship with Lehrer is growing, both closer and more dangerous, the longer they stay together. It doesn’t take long for Noam to realize that the personal evil he is fighting, and the evil threatening the rest of his country are one and the same. Can Dara and Noam destroy their tormentor and save their world from destruction before it’s too late? 

If you haven’t read book one of the series yet, The Fever King, check out my review of it here and give that book a read first.

If I thought The Fever King was getting at some pretty dark stuff, The Electric Heir dove straight into the scariest and most real horrors imaginable – things that tragically, as Victoria Lee explains on her website, are very real for so many people. I applaud her for exploring all those things in this book in a way that is honest and authentic, even in a world that is fictitious. Admittedly, despite the content warning at the beginning of the book, I did not expect so much of the novel to focus on the dark effects of abuse. However, Lee is able to balance telling the stories of victims and survivors of abuse with the tumultuous and tense action that is happening around the characters in Carolinia.

The emotions and problems surrounding the characters, especially Noam, in the book are so varied and immense that for the entire book you are just hoping that things will work out for them in the end, that they will get the happy ending that you’re so convinced they deserve. The Fever King really sets the groundwork for all the complex issues the characters face in this book, and that is especially obvious in the dramatic way, both good and bad, that the character’s development takes. I’m a big fan of books that focus on the characters and their relationships more than the action and other plot details of the story. Obviously, I appreciate a decent plot structure and a good battle here and there, but sometimes I get dragged into books that take it too far, so that I feel like every other page there are swords clashing or guns shooting and it tires me out. The Electric Heir, however, is just what I like. A good amount of action, but a lot of character relationships and development. Sometimes — well, a lot of the times — it is heartbreaking and upsetting to read, but you keep going because you care about the characters (NOAM and DARA) so much that you need to know they are okay, and so I powered through this book in a matter of a few days because I just had to know.

If you read The Fever King and enjoyed it, definitely continue the journey and read The Electric Heir. It continues the compelling storyline of the first book and is one of the best second books of a series I have read in a long time. I tend to like first books the best, but The Electric Heir was just as good as the first, and, dare I say, even better. If you are hesitant to read because of the heavy content, before you read have a look at the content warning that Victoria Lee posted on her website. 

I give The Electric Heir five stars and I would recommend this book for fans of Lee’s other books, and I also think fans of series like the Hunger Games or Divergent would really enjoy this read.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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