book reviews

Bones and Drones

K. A. Goodsell

* Thanks to the author for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

This was a cute, fun read! The main character, Paislee, has a very strong and distinct voice and the reader gets a really good sense of who she is just by the way she thinks in her inner dialogue. Along with Paislee, her family and friends play a central role in the narrative. These secondary characters are also very unique and well-written, and their dynamics with Paislee feel very organic and real.

Though I would consider this book young adult because of the language and some of the content, it does seem like the plot could easily slide into the middle grade category which was what I had been expecting. That being said, the characters are definitely aged up and for a slightly older audience (Me!) so I did enjoy it!

Though I read Bones and Drones during the summer, I can easily imagine myself reading it in the fall, curled up with a warm blanket and a pumpkin spice latte (just thinking about that now is making me very excited for fall)! Nevertheless, it is a book for any time of year if you want it to be.

I thought Paislee’s interest in death and forensic anthropology was very interesting. Like many others, I am a big fan of shows like Bones and Criminal Minds, so my attention was peaked at the premise of a murder and an unknown killer. There is a good amount of suspense and mystery (nothing super scary, but enough to keep you interested) as Paislee tries to figure out how ones of classmates ended up dead.

The book does a good job of wrapping up the main plot while still leaving a little cliff hanger to push readers on to the next book. This was a fairly quick read for me if you are looking for a book that doesn’t require a huge time commitment. The characters were really the stars of Bones and Drones for me (though a lot of characters were introduced later in the book that made it more difficult, though not impossible, to keep track of) so if you read books for the characters this may be a book for you to try!

I give Bones and Drones three stars! I definitely enjoyed reading it and I think that many others readers would as well, though I would consider it to have a more specific audience — perhaps for fans of other middle grade books but who want a little more from those books, or, as I mentioned before, fans of shows like Bones. I loved the realness of this book and how the characters felt very grounded in the plot so I would encourage readers to try this book for those reasons as well!

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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