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Author Spotlight: Roxane Gay

The Carlos Watson Show presented by OZY Media

Check out this interview with author/social critic/professor, Roxane Gay!

If you haven’t heard of Roxane Gay before, listen up! I was first introduced to her work last year in a college writing class when I read her essay collection Bad Feminist. Before then, I didn’t read many essays, but reading Gay’s made me realize the potential for diversity and cultural criticism that essays can have. I have great admiration for Gay’s ability to write such witty and compelling essays that touch on so many complex and deep themes.

Her writing is interesting and insightful, and when you hear her speak in interviews, it becomes very clear that she is also a very interesting and insightful person. In an interview with The Carlos Watson Show, Gay offers her thoughts on many current events and issues and, for those who admire her writing, I think the interview is worth the watch. From politics to progress that the United States in making toward ending racial discrimination and injustice, Roxane Gay gives her opinions on these topics.

I found Gay’s fears about “protest fatigue” very relatable, and I think listening to her speak about the phenomena stands as a good reminder for others to not give up when so much still needs to be done. After watching the interview, I feel refreshed and it feels good to hear someone with so much knowledge and awareness of current events speak in such a clear and informed way.

Gay’s writing is clever and engaging and now I have a great urge to read some of her other works. For readers and writers alike I would encourage you to check out this interview and read some of Roxane Gay’s writings. Even if you can’t relate to being a woman, or black, or part of the LGBTQ+ community as Gay can, her writing transcends these perspectives and there is something in each of her writing’s for any reader to relate to which I think is very telling of just how great of a writer Gay is.

Check out the interview here and let me know what you think!

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