book reviews

Chain of Iron

Cassandra Clare

As far as second books in a trilogy go, this one is pretty much in line with every thing else — that is, it has completely and utterly destroyed me and I will be taking the next few days to recover! Those who think I am joking I, unfortunately, am not.

But though I lament, I will admit that I quite enjoy being completely and utterly emotionally destroyed by books. Call me angsty, but it is the truth.

Alas, I will try to pull myself together and give my lovely readers a worthwhile review. If it isn’t yet clear, I did finish Chain of Iron only moments ago, hence the oddly Edwardian language and sadness. I digress!

As many can probably relate, I have a love hate relationship with second books. How I love to see the story progress, but how I hate to see the story end. Chain of Iron most definitely has left me loving and hating. While I had my theories about where the story might go, I was very surprised and excited (and sometimes enraged) to see the plot develop. I didn’t think it was possible to love a cast of characters more, but I do, flaws and all. Though Clare writes an interesting plot, it is the characters that really stand out and who make reading the book such an enjoyment.

After the events of Chain of Gold wrapped up, I was not exactly sure what would happen next, though I guarantee you will be shocked and enthralled. I will admit, I am easily enthralled by ghosts and love stories — I am a simple girl!

The writing, as always, is excellent and makes it so easy to be drawn into the story. Though not necessarily a criticism, the book does have quite a few different points of view. If you are anything like me and you have your favorite characters, this can at times be vexing, although all the characters are interesting and fun to hear from. There are so many characters in the main cast of this book but they are so well developed, despite how much or how little their points of view are featured.

Now that I have, in only a day, consumed a nearly 700 page book, I must wait another full year until the release of the final book. It pains me to write that, though it is a comfort to know that I can reread Chain of Iron whenever I please in the time before then.

I hope that this review will encourage to read Chain of Iron or to begin the series (check out my Chain of Gold review). I am a mess of a book nerd right now and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I give Chain of Iron 4 stars simply because it is a second book and yes, that is one of my criteria. I have high, high hopes for the third book and am very much looking forward to seeing the lovely cast of characters find their happy endings (PLEASE, Cassie, I will beg for happy endings for all characters). Read on, lovely followers!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Have you read Chain of Iron? Tell me what you thought about it in the comments!

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