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A Court of Silver Flames

Sarah J. Maas

Initial thoughts: what did I just read?! Maas has been gradually distancing herself from the young adult genre, and this book is definitely an adult novel. On many occasions while reading this book I felt as though I was reading the most inner, personal thoughts of the author. Some things are better kept to yourself! Maas is not afraid to get graphic, though maybe that is just a testament to her aging fanbase. Nevertheless: be warned and prepared, maybe check out some goodreads reviews if you find yourself wondering whether the content of the book is something you are prepared to get into.

I have read the A Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy many times, and I enjoy subsequent reads of those books just as much as I enjoyed reading them the first time around. While A Court of Silver Flames was good, I do not think it lived up to the older books. That being said, I did like seeing the continued journeys and story-arcs of the characters that I so loved in those books. Did I read this book simply because I loved Rhys and Feyre so much in the others that I would read anything just to see more of their characters? Maybe — and I would do it again!

Maas, and I admire her for it, is going to get all she can out of this series and these characters, and I think that is beginning to really show. And, thanks to readers like, she is going to be able to keep it going for quite a while longer! Honestly, I would probably read anything Maas writes, if only to satisfy that crazed, reader side of me that demands to know everything I can about every character I love so dearly.

Maas has taken Nesta’s character in an interesting direction in this novel, and it was nice to have a change in perspective in this story and see some of the characters and events from a different POV. Nesta’s character has a surprising arc in this book and I liked how Maas also focused on female friendships in the novel, something that is not as prominent in some of her other books.

If you love Maas’s other works and the worlds she has created, then you will most likely love this book as well. If you haven’t read the initially trilogy yet, then please go do so — I’m begging you, it’s that good! The reading audience of A Court of Silver Flames is definitely reserved for those who have read Maas’s other works (so sorry to those who have been reading this review in vain).

I give A Court of Silver Flames three stars. I enjoyed it, but the audience is so limited, and the plot and direction of the story has been a little dragged out by this point. That being said, I devoured this book in a matter of days, and know of many other readers who did as well. I am curious to see where Maas continues to take the narrative from here, so stay tuned for future reviews if she happens to write even more books in this world and with these characters!

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Have you read A Court of Silver Flames? Tell me what you thought about it in the comments!

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