Polarizing Preferences: Hardcover Versus Paperback

The battle is eternal. Which copy is superior? We may never have an answer, though I am sure there is one you prefer. I suppose I'll start this post by pledging my allegiance to the Hardcover, the elite edition (argue with me in the comments, I dare you!) though it wasn't always that way. There… Continue reading Polarizing Preferences: Hardcover Versus Paperback

author spotlight

Author Spotlight: Roxane Gay

The Carlos Watson Show presented by OZY Media Check out this interview with author/social critic/professor, Roxane Gay! If you haven't heard of Roxane Gay before, listen up! I was first introduced to her work last year in a college writing class when I read her essay collection Bad Feminist. Before then, I didn't read… Continue reading Author Spotlight: Roxane Gay


TV and Movie Adaptations of Books That Are Actually Good

While I will never stop believing that the book was better, there are some TV and movie adaptations of books that I can't help but admire for the way they bring the story to life on the big screen. I find that watching shows and movies of books is great way of reliving the stories… Continue reading TV and Movie Adaptations of Books That Are Actually Good