Typically, I love everything that I read. Some books I enjoy more than others, but for the most part you will find me completely immersed in every book I pick up. That being said, there are some books that hold a very special place in the bookshelf of my heart. These are books that I am always thinking about, always rereading, and always recommending to my fellow readers.

There are no real patterns to be found in this list of books, but each title has shaped me as a reader and has contributed to my love for reading and for sharing what I read. Although the majority of what I read falls under the fiction/fantasy/young adult genres, my most favorite books are a much more diverse mix (which is maybe a sign that I should read outside my comfort zone more often).

Some books that I will rave about shortly have been favorites of mine for many, many years, while others are more recent loves. This list is somewhat ever-changing, and newer reads are always popping up and enticing me to rave about them. I try to be selective and take my time to decide how much I really love a book, and if it passes the test and I love it so much that I absolutely must rave about it, then it will appear below!

But enough of me rambling, let’s get to the books!